1/1/2001. That was the day the aliens
attacked earth.
They dropped like steel rain from the dark
void of space. Mysterious. Armed. Armored.
Ferocious. Backed by a thousand armadas
of fighters and bombers all across the whole
wide world.
Most of the major cities fell in days, left in
smoking ruins and streets soaked red with
blood. Heroes rose. Ordinary men and
women. Police forces. Soldiers. Sailors. Air
forces. Marines. Super heroes.
But the aliens—horrifying creatures with
shark-like faces and crocodile skin—were far
more powerful. And they were legion.
Then came the v’sori. Allies to humanity,
saviors of earth. They aided the heroes
of the world in their struggle against the
predatory invaders they called the k’tharen.
Great battles were fought. Sacrifices were
made. Secrets were shared. The v’sori–Earth
alliance drove the merciless k’tharen horde
back to the depths of space.
The survivors celebrated. The v’sori were
given great ceremonies around the world.
Dignitaries and super heroes gathered to
shower them with gifts, praise, and gratitude.
The fools.
In a coordinated series of attacks across
the globe, the v’sori proved not the foes of
the voracious k’tharens—but their masters.
The shark-men returned at the side of their
insidious overlords.
Earth’s heroes were caught off guard. Most
were captured or slain in a single night
of carnage and bloodshed. The rest, their
identities and weaknesses cataloged during
the false alliance, were hunted down in the
weeks that followed.
Earth’s armies, long grown overdependent
on their super heroes, failed. Humanity
was subjugated. The invaders wanted our
resources and humans were tasked with
providing them. In exchange, most of the
world was allowed to rebuild and repopulate.
Life slowly returned to some semblance of
order, but always under the watchful eyes of
the conquerors from the stars.
The aliens’ plan to destroy the world’s heroes
and enslave its population was near total, but
they hadn’t counted on Earth’s villains.
These selfish, vain, cruel, or megalomaniacal
men and women had always rebelled
against human authority, but alien rule
proved intolerable. Soon they were united
by a master criminal called Dr. Destruction.
He formed these scattered malcontents into
organized cells to fight the k’tharen warriors,
thwart the v’sori, and eventually teleport
to the invaders’ home planet to fight their
supreme leader—the monstrous Overmind.
Welcome to Star City. Welcome, villains, to NECESSARY EVIL.

The Ravengers of Necessary Evil